Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Slam Magazine & Shamrocks

Word is out that there's a photo of Fly in a Slam magazine that's on the market.
"Everybody's calling me about it," Fly said Oct. 1. "They've got me dunking the ball or something in The Hole."
The Hole is near Fly's home in Brooklyn, N.Y., and it was a proving ground for rising street-ball players.
It was there that one of Fly's best playground teams, the Shamrocks, were at their best. Fly heard the photo in Slam is from his Shamrock days.
"I've got my Shamrock shirt on," Fly said he's been told. "I was playing for the Shamrocks."
So they were pretty good?
"We were just a pick-up team. A guy put the team together," Fly said. "Man, we went undefeated in that league. We tore everybody up."

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