Thursday, August 6, 2009

Remembering Mickey Fisher

Fly was stunned to hear news of the death of Mickey Fisher, one of Fly’s teammates at Austin Peay from 1972-74.
“Mickey was a really nice, stand-up kid,” Fly said. “He was square as a door, just a good guy. I don’t know of Mickey doing ANYTHING wrong when I was there. He was nothing but a great kid. He was the team angel. Oh, man, this is too much.”
Fisher, born and raised in Clarksville, was the son of former Austin Peay basketball coach and athletic director George Fisher. Mickey died of an apparent heart attack while in his sleep.
“Just give my condolences to his dad, his wife, and his family,” Fly said. “Tell everyone in Clarksville that Mickey was the greatest.”
Fly was reunited with Mickey Fisher in early February 2009 when Fly’s No. 35 jersey was retired by Austin Peay. They shared a few laughs about Fly teasing Mickey about how slow he was on the court back in their playing days.
“Mickey was just a super guy,” Fly said. “I can’t believe it.”
Fisher’s death comes a few months after the passing of former Austin Peay coach Lake Kelly, for whom Fly and Mickey played. At least two other players from Fly’s storied two seasons at Austin Peay have also died: Eddie “Chili Dog” Childress and Danny Odums.
“Our little dynasty we had is going away,” Fly said. “All the guys, I couldn’t’ have done it without them. Things wouldn’t have happened. … You’re afraid. When you’re a kid, you take life for granted when you’re running around. Now, every minute, I’m thankful to be alive. I’m not ready to go.”