Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Willie Randolph Sports Experience

July 10, 2008.

It's 7 a.m. in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Fly Williams is a supervisor at the Willie Randolph Sports Experience. The program, started by former Major League baseball player Willie Randolph, runs for nine weeks, and Fly works it every day until 5 p.m. when he returns to his home in Brownsville.
"I grew up with Willie," Fly says. "He knows all of us."
Fly has taken time off from his regular job -- working with youth at the Brownsville Rec Center -- to help Randolph with his program.
"I just enjoy the kids, you know," Fly says. "I'm not in my neighborhood."
Fly must have been a hit in East Flatbush.
"The first day I was here, they had about 75 kids," Fly says. "Now they're in the second week, and I've got 160 kids already."

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