Friday, October 31, 2008

Kobe Bryant and Raymond Lewis

Fly was having a conversation a couple of days ago on the phone with Joe Bryant, father of Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant.
Their conversation went something like this:
"I know of two guys who could get off whenever and wherever they wanted to," Joe Bryant said.
"Who's that?" Fly said.
"You and my son Kobe," Joe Bryant said.
"Thank you, sir," Fly said.

Fly was asked again about playing against Raymond Lewis in Los Angeles.
"He was a terrific ballhandler and he had a good shot," Fly said. "I can't compare him to me. He was a decent player. If he had the right opportunity, he might have had a shot. Back then, it was just if you had the opportune time to get a shot."

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Tbird said...

Was unaware of this site, couldn't help pasting this message from my earlier post on bouncemag:

Growing up in Brownsville/East New York, one of my more vivid memories of ‘Fly’ was sitting a few seats behind the Autin Peay bench when they came to play LIU at the Garden(1974), featuring Ruben Rodriguez(Puerto Rico), Brignone(puerto Rico) and Ernie Douse(Boys High via Long Beach State). I think the game was either tied or Austin Peay was down one with a couple of seconds left, the Austin Peay coach called a timeout and drew up a play. At the end of the timeout Fly said ‘f… that, just give me the ball!, Danny Odom passed the ball to Fly at the top of the key, dribbled to the foul line did a ‘earl the pearl’ spin into the lane, got off a fadeaway shot with people hanging all over him and got all net, game over, lets go home.