Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Crazy Life Of Fly

It's been a crazy couple of weeks for Fly.
And it's gonna get even crazier next week during the Brownsville Old Timers Week, which concludes the weekend of July 24.
Fly was in a Brooklyn hospital for a week and got out Sunday, July 12.
"My doctor gave me some bad medicine," Fly said. "I cussed him out, man, I know that. I couldn't breathe."
Once he got to breathing well, Fly had to stick around for tests. That meant eating some good ole' hospital food.
"I'm trying to eat all I can now that I'm out," Fly said. "I can't eat that hospital stuff. It'll kill you."
Fly said the food ran him out of there. "That made me get out of the hospital. It made me be where I am right now. I just went back to work Tuesday (July 14)."
So how's he feeling now?
"I'm good."
And he's getting geared up for the annual Brownsville Old Timers Week, one of the biggest annual summer events in Brooklyn.
Some of the Old Timers who plan to attend: Earl "The Pearl" Monroe, World B. Free, Pearl Washington, Gus Williams, Mike Bynum, and of course, the great one himself, Fly. Among the teams competing in the tournaments is a group of all-stars from a hotbed of basketball, Memphis.
Fly will be selling his book, FLY35, complete with his autograph, along with T-shirts and other apparel.
It's an event nobody should miss.
"It's tremendous!" Fly said. "There will be a half a million people or more there! Man, it's tremendous!"