Thursday, September 25, 2008

Raymond Lewis

So, Fly, what do you recall about your days in Los Angeles circa 1980 playing against LA street-ball legend Raymond Lewis?
"I ate him like Pac Man," Fly said Sept. 24, 2008.
Say what? Lewis, who averaged 32.9 points per game for Cal State-Los Angeles in 1972-73, became a legend on the L.A. blacktop after his college days.
How good was he? According to the web site,, he was pretty good. "He took on the 30 best street ballers in a single day, and he wiped the floor with them winning all 30 games," according to the web site. "But what made him so great was the way he could destroy NBA pros just as he destroyed every street baller on the blacktop."
Perhaps they forgot about Raymond vs. Fly, who made several trips from New York City to Los Angeles to play street ball.
"I remember playing against him," Fly said. "He was supposed to be one of the top street-ball players out there. Me myself, I was the baddest man on the planet."

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