Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Seven-City Classic

Fly was a 17-year-old playing for Glenn Springs Academy when he got a phone call from a representative from Coca-Cola.
“Fly, you’ve been chosen to play in the Seven-City Classic,” the voice said. “You’re our pick from New York.”
“Great, where is it? Fly said.
“Los Angeles. We’ll have someone meet you in New York City, take you to the airport, and you’ll fly out here.”
“Cool,” Fly said. “I’ll be ready.”
Fly recalls playing on a team loaded with one player chosen from seven cities on the East Coast, and his East team playing against a team of players selected from cities on the West Coast.
Also on Fly’s team were Galen Baker of Philadelphia, Adrian Dantley of Detroit, and Skip Wise of Baltimore.
“We had a monster team” Fly recalls. “We went out there and destroyed the West team.”

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funk said...


In 1972 you were all-state in NY and yet you did not represent NYC in the 1972 Boston Shootout, where Phil "The Thrill" Sellers was proclaimed as the best baller in NYC. What happened?

Oh, do you remember on your East Squad for the Seven-City Classic the following: Bobby Carrington, Ronnie Lee or King Gaskins all from Boston or Walter Luckett -Parade All-American from Connecticut participating?

Ps. Whatever happened to Raschid "shake and bake" Walker or Carl "Sundance" Rand?

Funky minds want to know and you are supposed to be Fly!