Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Staying busy with Nike

BETWEEN CLEVELAND AND BROOKLYN – Fly is making the 10-hour drive back from Cleveland to New York City after an appearance with NBA players Shawn Marion, Chris Paul, and Lebron James in conjunction with NIKE promoters.
“It was basically a back-to-school thing,” Fly said while on the road back to New York. “It was basically for the kids, a back-to-school thing where they got meet Lebron, Chris Paul, and Shawn Marion.”
Fly is tired. He spent 10 days in Cleveland, and before he left New York, made an appearance at the new Yankee Stadium Sept. 8 with some of his kids from Brownsville Rec Center, where they toured the Yankees’ Hall of Fame and got to meet several of the current Yankees. The children from Brownsville Rec also got to go onto the field and take a few swings with their bats at pitches.
“They had a great time,” Fly said. “It was unbelievable.”
There is no rest for Fly. On Sunday, Sept. 20, Fly is scheduled to be at Pier 36 in Manhattan for another appearance sponsored by NIKE and others. After that, there is another appearance scheduled for Philadelphia.
“I’m tired,” Fly said while driving from Cleveland to New York City. “I’m really tired.”
Fly hoped to get back to Brooklyn by about 11 p.m. Eastern Time.
“I told my wife, ‘All I want is to hug you and get good plate of food,’ ” Fly said. “I’ve been in a hotel for 10 days. I just can’t wait to get home.”
Fly is scheduled to be back at work for the Parks and Recreation Dept. this morning, Sept. 17. It’s a tough task for a guy who’s been on the road almost two weeks.
“I hope to get in at 11 tonight, and I have to be at work at 10 in the morning,” Fly said. “I’ve got to get 49 kids together (for the Pier 36 event). There’s going to be some disappointed kids because we’ve only got a bus that seats 49, and we’ve got a lot more kids that want to go.”


Rudy T said...

Saw Fly couple of days ago at Heaven is a Playground re-release party in Manhattan. Truly a legend.

ryansid33 said...

I am doing a large profile on streetball in NYC. I am student and would love to get in contact with Fly. Does anybody know where I can do this,

please contact me asap

Thank you