Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kobe's father

Fly was talking with one of his longtime friends, Joe Bryant, the night the Lakers won the NBA Championship. Joe Bryant had just watched his son, Kobe, lead the Lakers to the title.
"We talked for 30 minutes," Fly said.
Could Joe play ball anything like his son?
"You kiddin' me? Joe could play, too," Fly said.
Fly used to play against Joe Bryant in the Baker League and in some pro-am games in Philadelphia.
"Jelly Bean, that's what we call him (Joe Bryant)," Fly said. "He's like 6-9, a two-guard, and he could play the three. Yeah, he could play."
Kobe has a brother -- friends call him 'X' -- who did a documentary about Brooklyn hoops. Who knows, X might do a doc on Fly someday.
"He just did a documentary from Rucker," Fly said. "It's AWESOME!"
Stay tuned.

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